Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) in Progress Software

Posted by Admin on 25-Mar-2010 12:43

I have recently started looking into Aspect-Oriented Programming and it's amazing for what it can do. I have looked into PSDN for AOP but haven't really found much on this topic. I would like to know if it's possible to implement AOP along with ABL, and if yes, some sort of sample code would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance!


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Posted by Admin on 25-Mar-2010 12:57

What I can think of right now is to create ABL classes in the domain layer and then use Proxygen to create Java classes. Once we have these classes available for Java programming language, we could then implement AOP in Java using one of the most popular AOP framework called AspectJ.

Since the point is to decouple security (security is my focus here) from the main business logic in the domain layer, I believe it would still work if we have AOP written in Java and business logic encapsulated in ABL classes (i.e. Progress side).

This is just a thought and I am not sure if it's possible in real-time.


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