OpenEdge Architect Extensibility

Posted by bsgruenba on 26-Mar-2010 13:22

I just got done reading the documentation for 10.2B on extending OE Architect and I can see how it is useful to be able to write ABL code that traps OE Architect events.

What I am looking for, though, is to be able to integrate plugins that I have written in Java so that I can interact with the OpenEdge Editor. That requires extension points in OpenEdge Architect that will allow me to, for example, inject code into the editor at a certain point.

Is there anything available for this today, or is it still in the pipeline? I can't find anything in the documentation to indicate that there is anything.

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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 26-Mar-2010 13:43

This question would probably be better asked in the "Architect" sub-forum.

Posted by bsgruenba on 26-Mar-2010 13:47

Oops... sorry

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