Experience in using JDBC with Openedge

Posted by srikanth.minnam on 21-Apr-2010 04:08


We have been using ABL and we have some Java applications that will be accessing using JDBC to access OE DB.

I would like to hear the experiences from the experts that have been using JDBC.

Anything regarding

1. performances

2. transactions


any help will be appreciated.



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Posted by rstanciu on 21-Apr-2010 06:50

did you have already read the documentation ?

The problem is that the database access do not solve the problem of integration because you don't know how the business works,

only with an simple DB access. Take a look to JAVA-OpenClient and to WebServices (Better ideea!)



Posted by bsgruenba on 21-Apr-2010 14:35

When I worked for Progress, we built the OpenEdge Architect Catalog to use JDBC. As far as I know, it has been relatively stable doing that.

I have also worked with JDBC through Hibernate to OpenEdge. It was hard to get it working, but it does work. There are a couple of Progress users that have had success with that architecture.

Performance-wise, I have not seen any significant issues, but then my use-cases have been limited to fairly simple SQL. Transaction-wise it is as solid as any other Progress transaction.

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