Crystal Reports, change the page size.

Posted by EdoBar on 24-Jul-2009 12:32

Enviroment QAD Enterprise Aplications.

Crystal Reports XI

I'm trying to change the page size for the Supplier Check, but like all Crystal Reports users, it works well in my computer, when others print the report, this back to A4 size.

I'm searching for solutions in other forums but there works almost everything with VB or C#.

¿What can I do? I guess this enviroment is kind new for us, but I want to know if someone else has the same problem or probably the solution.

Crystal works well, excepts for this.


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Posted by EdoBar on 30-Apr-2010 11:48

Just for the record...

There's a problem with the Page Size when you use it in many computers to print the same document, Crystal Reports, apparently, save the ID of the page size defined, then when you try to use in other computer, probably, will not be the same page size ID... what to do... define page size for the Crystal Document in the computer you will use to print.

this was my Work Around Solution...

Install Crystal Reports on the user computer.

Define the Page Size on Printer Options.

Open the Crystal Report document and adjust the page size.

Save It.

Uninstall Crystal Reports.

Is ready to use it.

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