How to set up a second instance of SonicMQ adapter on HP-UX

Posted by heiperno on 20-May-2010 05:13

OE 10.1A ON HP-UX 11.11i

We have set up an instance of Sonic-adapter on a HPUX(11.11i) server.

This instance use NS1 (nameserver)


     adaptman -name sonicMQ1

Is it possible to start a second instance of Sonic-adapter - and to not use NS1 on this instance?

     adaptman -name sonicMQ2

Anyone got any experience about this?



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Posted by Roy Ellis on 20-May-2010 10:34

Hi Per-Arne,

Yes, you can have multiple SonicMQ Adapters running, one allowing connections through the NameServer and one using direct connect.

Using either OpenEdge Explorer or Progress Explorer, create a new SonicMQ adapter, I named mine sonicMQ2.  Then unselect the "Register with NameServer" check box and change the listening port from the default (I used 13620).

Now when connecting in the 4gl to the SonicMQ Adapter use the -S and add -DirectConnect (example:  -H localhost -S 13620 -DirectConnect).

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.


Roy Ellis

Progress Software

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