Has anybody embedded a BPM in their OpenEdge application?

Posted by echomanaged on 03-Jun-2010 06:02


We are looking at adding BPM functionality into our applications. Although the processes to be managed cross multiple applications we would like to embed our BPM solution within one master application. There appears to be a multitude of solutions out there so I need a little help!

Has anybody embedded a BPM solution into an existing Openedge application?

Has anybody investigated doing this and may want to share any findings?

Any help is much appreciated, Dave.

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 03-Jun-2010 11:30

Multiple applications, managing business processes .... sounds a lot like Sonic ESB!

Posted by wilner on 03-Jun-2010 12:33


Progress recently acquired a BPM platform called Savvion http://web.progress.com/en/savvion/index.html. It is very comprehensive and is unique in that it has purposed tools for Business Analysts who do modeling, Business Solutions Developer who do automation, and the Business Manager who owns the line of business and wants dashboards and analytics that tell him how the business is performing.

Its strength is doing human workflow, but it also has capabilities for presentation flows as well as system orchestration similar to what you get from Sonic, but using a more model driven approach.

It is open and standards based so you can use it with your OpenEdge application.  It is still early, but we are just starting to see some interest in the OpenEdge community.


Posted by jmls on 03-Jun-2010 14:19

Is there an indicative pricing structure (not wanting to be hounded by

sales ... !)


Posted by echomanaged on 04-Jun-2010 04:34

Thanks for the reply. The application I'm looking to embed BPM in is developed by my company and used by a number of our customers at different sites. Some customers have Sonic others don't. Though SonicESB maybe an option the preferred choice would be an embedded 3rd part app. We can then embed and use this to run purpose built logic (web services?) within our application. The BPM solution needs to be a seamless fit as it will be marketed as an additional module within our application.

Posted by echomanaged on 04-Jun-2010 04:44

Thanks for the reply Ken. I have been looking at Savvion and its probably an option for us. I have attempted to get an evaluation copy of this from Progress but seem to have ended up with just the graphical modeling element! Nice as it is it doesn't really help me with any testing. Maybe the complete solution is not available for evaluation yet? There does seem to be a shortage of detailed integration info on the Progress website. It maybe that Savvion goes to far for us anyway. We are trying to introduce elements of BPM into our application without going to far and introducing a complete BPM solution. We may develop a number of tailored web services within our application to use with BPM. We would then provide an embedded GUI in our app to use this functionality. This would then allow us to expose these web services for any other 3rd party BPM solutions in the future.

Posted by echomanaged on 04-Jun-2010 04:46

I'd like to know this too please!

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 04-Jun-2010 11:23

You might want to check out http://www.oehive.org/ESBAsAnApplicationArchitecture to see if it stimulates any thoughts ...

Posted by wilner on 04-Jun-2010 13:22

Relative to pricing, I'm sorry you need to talk to your account team.  I stay away from that.

Posted by wilner on 04-Jun-2010 13:28


I asked your account team to follow up with you on specific needs here, and how we can move this forward.  The modeling tool is clearly the place to start, but understand your desire to see how development and deployment work. We have several other OpenEdge customers that are also in the early stages of looking at Savvion with the intent of doing some sort of POC, so we should be able to work with you on this.


Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 04-Jun-2010 13:33

Sounds like another candidate for an addition to the PSDN SDK ....

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