Spatial/Geometric Math Libraries

Posted by dbeattie on 07-Apr-2010 13:56

I'm looking for some spatial/geometric math libaries that I can either directly or indirectly call from OpenEdge AppServers/Batch running on Windows (Linux down the road). These are the types of things I need to calculate.

1. Area in sqM, mi, km, of a polygon defined by n lat/long points.

2. Union (polygon defined by points) of n polygons defined by lat/long points.

3. Intersection polygon resulting from the intersection of two polygons defined by lat/long points.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Posted by dbeattie on 08-Jun-2010 07:44

Haven't had much luck here or with other Progress resources, so looks like we'll be dumping Progress for yet another project. Its starting to become a trend. We'll be using PostgreSQL if anyone is interested checking it out, They have great spatial support along with other great data types.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 08-Jun-2010 11:14

You're going to drop a whole language and database because of a library?  Why not just call the library from ABL?

Posted by dbeattie on 08-Jun-2010 11:59

Its more than just a library, its the power and speed of a spatial database when doing what appears to be simple things but turns out to no be that simple. I was going to try to do things via libraries, but never found anything that great and affordable. And the speed advantage of spatial types and methods, it was an easy decision. When I talked to Progress they said Spatial was no where on the roadmap, so with those two factors, yes, for this project (and any others that may require spatial) we will not use Progress. Which is a crime because I've been using it for 20 years and like its strengths. But Progress is just too slow when adding features, that now all major database vendors offer.


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