ODBC connection problem

Posted by Admin on 16-Jun-2010 12:16

We´re having some troubles implementing an integration between Salesforce and Progress database using a middleware called Pervasive.  The problem resides on the ODBC connection to progress, it seems that every time it connects to the session stays open and doesn't logout correctly.  The following error appears on Progress log database

[2010/06/15@20:57:16.738-0500] P-4785       T-112   I SRV    11: (8873)  Login usernum 102, remote SQL client.

[2010/06/15@20:57:16.750-0500] P-4785       T-112   I SRV    11: (7129)  Usr 102 asignó nombre a ACADE.

[2010/06/15@20:57:19.398-0500] P-4785       T-112   I SRV    11: (453)   Logout de ACADE en  .

We already configure the connection options to READ COMMITED and installed service pack 04 for OPENEDGE 10.1C connector

Hope someone can help us

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