.ldb(MDB Lock File) File is not cleared automatically Very U

Posted by Admin on 17-Jun-2010 01:00

Hi Guys,

Can any one clarify my doubt...?

In our application we are using MS-Access style Crystal Report.

While creating report (Print / Preview / Save) , the .ldb (MDB Lock File) has been generated.

Situvation 1:


When I close out of the Crystal Report Viewer (Suppose when I Used Print Preview)

Situvation 2:


When I click Print after that I made Cancel

Situvation 3:

When I Click Save, after Completion of Saving

These are the 3 posibilitie

Usually the lock goes away, But my case, .ldb file doesn't clears.

So Whenever I open Preview for different record It tells error, since lock didn't go away. This is I am facing my application.

I need suggestion for the above problem.

If anyone share your knowledge, your most welcome.

Seeking needful & Prompt response.

Thanks & Regards


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