Help with virtual machine, SANs and replication

Posted by echomanaged on 06-Jul-2010 05:38

I am currently investigating installing our OpenEdge application in a virtualised environment (VMWare). I understand that there is an amount of performance degradation lost by using a virtual machine over a physical machine but I’m hoping this is acceptable for an installation with < 100 users.
However, I am interested to see how people may be setting up SANs for their disk storage.
Do you still use after-imaging and if so do you use a dedicated disk purely for AI storage? Are the benefits of AI are lost when held on the SAN? Are the benefits of a SAN lost with dedicated disks?
Is anyone using SAN level replication? Is this supported with OpenEdge?
The customer in question has indicated that they may use Vizioncore vReplicator as part of a DR solution. Has anyone any experience of vReplicator? Is this supported with OpenEdge?
Would OpenEdge Replication be a preferable solution to the above?
Sorry for all the questions but any help or advice is much appreciated.

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