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Posted by dbeattie on 23-Apr-2010 08:49

Has anyone implemented XML Signature from within the ABL? Did you have to use external libraries, etc? Are you willing to share what you learned here?



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Posted by asgt1974 on 30-Jun-2010 03:01

Hi Don, Did you get anywhere with implementing the xml digital signature through the ABL? We've currently got the exact same issue and we're struggling to do it!

Thanks, Andrew.

Posted by dbeattie on 06-Jul-2010 14:12

I basically did it three ways...

1. Wrote what I needed in Java and called via INPUT THROUGH in the ABL. This worked well, but was a little loose when incorporating in our system.

2. Wrote what I needed in .NET and wrapped in a Web Service and called the Web Service from the ABL. This is what we are doing within our application because we always have an IIS web server for our ASP.NET front end. If a customer wants Linux only, we'll probably switch over to the Java implementation (probably as a Web Service too).

3. Wrote it in the ABL (10.2B) using .NET objects. Of course this isn't currently legal based on Progress' EULA, so it was just for proof of concept. I submitted the code to Progress to review.


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