class object invalidated during application build

Posted by grunnpi on 12-Jul-2010 16:12

Hello all,

In my company, we have written an Openedge application framework.

Using this framework, I'm developing a tool in order to build automatically whole application and integrate ProLint for code validation.

(night build for continuous integration).

All work pretty fine, but :

- our compiler is a class as part of whole application (and so, inherit our core framework)

- during compilation, some source code (live source code VS test source code) should be compiled, including code part of compiler tool

- after a while, main class trigger an error code "class MyCompiler implementing MyInterface doesn't provide method MyMethod"...

But, in our test environment, all source code are clean and was available at compiling beginning.

I suspect sort of "class cache" stuff, or using a class that disappear from class path (but still in memory)

What should I do to prevent this error ?

Please could you suggest me any hint ?

Many thanks for reading so far, don't hesitate to ask me details if my explanation are too blurry.



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