Use ProxyGen classes against Progress and/or MSS databases

Posted by maynardr on 21-Jul-2010 05:53


I am an experienced .Net dev, but new to OpenEdge.

I am trying to amend an existing .Net Stress test tool to use 4GL procedures and run it against AppServers that use Progress DB AND MSS Sql Server instance.

Is this Possible?

I have used ProxyGen to generate classes for the procedures, and can use them in the .Net program.

I connect to an AppServer that was defined using Progress Explorer,  with a connetion string like: AppServerDC://localhost:3096

This AppServer has startup parameters that points to a .pf file that contains:

-db Sports  

-d dmy
-h 10
-s 50
-T c:\windows\temp\
-s 250

All works well.

I have created a second AppServer entry with similar properties, but which has server startup pointing to a different .pf file. (Port 3099).

-db sportssh
-db sportsdsn -ld "sports" -dt MSS -U "dbo" -DataService mssbroker1

Where sportssh is a holding Progress db, and sportsdsn is a System DSN pointing to a SQL Server DB that was created and deployed using OpenEdge tools.

I can run the procedures using Procedure editor against this sportssh database.

HOWEVER, when I run the .Net program, and connect to the 2nd AppServer (via port 3099)  I can make connection, and create Appserver program, but get exception when I try to run any methods:

"ERROR condition: But connection to type PROGRESS was requested. (916) (7211)".

Are the Proxy  classes that were generated tied somehow to a database type?, or am I doing something stupid?

OpenEdge Version 10.2b.


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