System.Data.DataRow and NULL problem

Posted by Admin on 26-Jul-2010 03:43

Good day!

I have an object dataRow of type System.Data.DataRow.

When i try to do this:

dataRow["dateFrom"] = ?.

Runtime says that I have to use Dbnull instead of ?.

When i try to do this:

dataRow["dateFrom"] = System.Dbnull:Value.

OE Architect throws some "send-dont send" message and after that I can't anymore do chech syntax or compile operation or even run my class with OE Architect.



Ivica Loncar

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Posted by Matt Baker on 26-Jul-2010 15:29

Its a bug.  The AVM crashes when it tries to compile your code.  Please contact tech support.

You can make the AVM crash with the following two lines of code.

define variable x as System.Object no-undo.

x = System.DBNull:Value.

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