OpenEdge 64bit ODBC Driver

Posted by Admin on 10-Jun-2010 05:16


Is there a 64bit ODBC OpenEdge Driver available. I'm running 64bit Win2008 along with 64bit SQL and trying to create a link server from SQL Managment Studio to our Progress DB (10.1c).

I've installed the 32bit drivers and can create an ODBC connection, but SQL MS will not recognise this.


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Posted by Admin on 17-Aug-2010 03:57

Hi Rob,

I think there are two ways forward:

1. Install 32-bit Crystal Reports

2. Try and obtain a 64-bit OpenEdge - here is extract from progress-version.pdf:

     "From OpenEdge 10.2A, support for Win64 bit for Intel EM64T chips and AMD 64-bit series is provided as a 'limited release,' available by contacting your Progress Sales division."

Good luck!



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