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Posted by Admin on 13-Aug-2010 10:37

First off would like to say hello to the community.

I am new to OpenEdge, been playing around with it, and would like a link to a good example program. I have been using the AppBuilder and been playing around with windows and procedures. I have had a some success, but I am not moving along as fast as I would like.

Thank you ahead of time for any information/links that is posted. I hope to become a productive member of this community!

Thanks again,


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Posted by Matt Baker on 13-Aug-2010 13:47

Hi Cole,

Welcome to the community.

What version are you using?  The latest is 10.2B.  If you have a license for OpenEdge Architect which is available for most of the 10.X series (which is an Eclipse based IDE) I suggest you start learning GUI for .NET.  There is a WYSIWYG builder in OEA that is not part of AppBuilder that will allow you to build forms using native .NET controls.   All the the OpenEdge docs are here on the communities website.

One of these has some pointers on different areas of the product you might be interested in.

There are also some great getting started videos by John Sadd that go through lots of different topics.

Here are the ones for OEA.

Posted by Admin on 13-Aug-2010 13:59


I am using Progress AppBuilder 10.1B at this time but the company I work for is upgrading to 10.2B. Plus there will probably be a lot of older code that I will dig through in the future. Yes I do have a license to OpenEdge Architect but they want me to learn the AppBuilder first as much of what we have is written with it. From what I understand though we will move to the Architect in the future.

Thank you for the links! I'll check them out and post if they are helpful

Thank You,


Posted by Admin on 17-Aug-2010 08:22

The OpenEdge Product Documentation website is helpful along with the link to the videos. The OpenEdge GUI for .NET Task Map is something that is not useful at this time but I may revisit it in the future. Right now I'm just doing general programming in the OE AppBuilder.

Thanks for your help!!!

Posted by Matt Baker on 17-Aug-2010 08:39

There are other Progress resources available that are not here on PSDN. (a forum) and (email list - subscripion based)  are fairly useful.  There is also which is a project / wiki for progress related projects.

Posted by Matt Baker on 17-Aug-2010 08:42

And one more: the Progress Knowledge base which is quite extensive.

Posted by Admin on 23-Aug-2010 12:02

Thank you for the posts they have all been helpfull!!

I'll keep in touch

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