Outlook application on appserver

Posted by gdb390 on 12-Jul-2010 10:23


is it possible to send mails through an outlook configuration when executing the code over appserver.

If I try this, I get an error 0x80010001 on the create "Outlook.Application" vchAppl. statement

kind regards


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Posted by Admin on 12-Jul-2010 13:09

Hi Gerd,

just a guess: Under which user account is your AppServer started and does that user account have a proper Outlook account set up?


Posted by gdb390 on 13-Jul-2010 02:37

Hi Mike,

I used the administrator user to start up the appserver.

I found some posts about the appserver that was started with the localsystem account.

I will try my own user

the outlook is on my own portable, I guess that user will ahve a valid outlook account

kind regards


Posted by gdb390 on 24-Aug-2010 04:49

Started adminservice with user that has rights to access exchange server

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