How to generate private/public keys using RSA

Posted by clopes on 21-Sep-2010 08:35


A new policy has been issued, which will require that all documents are signed by the company and verified by a state authority.

This means that my company will have to generate a private key, which  will be kept hidden in the database, and a public key which will be  suplied to the state authority for verification purposes.

As an example has been shown to us with a few examples.  After downloading and installing this aplication i am able to generate  keys and certificates from the windows command prompt.

Now the state authority asks that i sign the document, which using openssh is done using the command:

cmd>  echo  "2010-05-18;2010-05-18T11:22:19;FAC 001/14;3.12;" | openssl dgst -sha1   -sign myKeyPrivate.pem | openssl enc -base64

Which results in :


RSA algorithm and with these parameters:
Format = x.509 
Charset = UTF-8
Encoding = Base-64
Endianess = Little Endian
OAEP Padding = PKCS1 v1.5 padding
Private Key Size = 1024 bytes
Message Hash Format = SHA-1

Any help at all would be apreciated!


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