Problem with auditing using the updateonly panel

Posted by tdugas on 13-Oct-2010 11:35

I have created a new window using the appbuilder (for SX.e GUI), and I have a smartbrowse and smartviewer on the window, as well as a panel, the updateonly panel.

It's basically a window for users to make minor updates to customer records, such as address, zip code, etc.

We have auditing enabled on these fields, and after a user makes an update, we can see that the audit does capture the change, however, it does NOT update the transaction date (transdt), transaction time (transtm), operator, or process (transproc) for the change.  We can see the actual change to the value when viewing the AUDIT function in SX, but the fields I listed do not get updated, and it just uses whatever they were on the last change.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it update these fields when making a change?

Thank you in advance.


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