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Posted by atapolsu on 21-Oct-2010 04:10

Progress 10.1C04 is installed on RHEL 5.2 server . The DB is 12 GB. Server has 8GB of RAM.

There is a problem from last few days, once the online backup is started, the Memory Utililzation goes very high and uses entire RAM.. On completion of backup , the Utilization still remains the same.

Few statistics below :

Memory utilization after reboot : 500 MB

Memory Utilization after Database Startup : 2.5 GB

Memory Utilization on online backup start : 8 GB

Memory utilization after backup : 8 GB

With this Linux (omkiller) actually terminates some of the progress processes.

How to avoid this ???


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Posted by Roy Ellis on 21-Oct-2010 10:52

Linux will use all available memory to increase performance.  If you are doing a lot of disk transaction, Linux will use memory for disk buffer cache to increase disk I/O.  Check to see who is using the memory.  If the OpenEdge processes are not increasing their memory usage then it is probably the O/S.  Running an online backup will, of course, be disk intensive (especially if you are also writing the backup to disk).  What you need to check, more the RAM usage, is swap usage.  Are you using a lot of swap?

Searching Google on "memory usage Linux" will return many links explaining this memory usage and will recommend better ways to determine memory usage.

As for "OOM killer" what processes are getting terminated and how do you know OOM killer is shutting them done?

Best Regards, Roy

Posted by atapolsu on 22-Oct-2010 06:04

Hello Roy,

Thanks for info.

The oom killer log can be found in /var/log, this process is APW

Sep 20 03:25:17 a810sl01 kernel: 4584200 pages shared

Sep 20 03:25:17 a810sl01 kernel: 1943 pages swap cached

Sep 20 03:25:17 a810sl01 kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 17896 (_mprshut).

Sep 20 03:26:46 a810sl01 kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0xd0

Sep 20 03:26:46 a810sl01 kernel: Mem-info:

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