Migration from OE 10.1B03 on HPUX PA_RISC to OE 10.2A03 on H

Posted by atrimbw on 02-Nov-2010 08:10

In 2011, we will be migrating from our current environment using HPUX with PA RISC to HPUX on ITANIUM.  As a part of it, we have been planning to go from OE v10.1B03 (on the PA_RISC) to v10.2A03 (on the ITANIUM).  Both systems are 64 bit and running 11i with the current patch bundle for their respective platforms.  And the Itanium system has the Itanium version of Progress.

Our principal interest at this point is to find whether there are any OpenEdge related issues in directly migrating disks having database layouts from the one platform to another.  Basically, we would like to truncate the BIs on the PA_RISC/10.1B databases - move the disks (via HP ServiceGuard packages) to the ITANIUM/10.2A platform and restart the databases.

We've been able to do this experimentally - both by copying database files and by restoring backups, but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experiences in moving from the one platform to the other without doing a D&L.

Yes, we know that a D&L is the safest way, but with 120+ QAD systems to migrate, the time to do so would be very expensive.

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