Sqlcpp preprocessor for Progress 9.1E

Posted by irocket on 24-Nov-2010 04:29


I need to build our legacy SQL89 application that requires the sqlcpp utility using.

OS: Solaris 9 sparc

Progress: 9.1E for sparc 64-bit

I've downloaded the Progress 9.1E distro from our PSDN account and installed it (Enterprise DatabaseServer & Toolkit components only) and found out that $DLC/bin/ does not contain the sqlcpp executable.

Should I install anything other component or additional product to get the sqlcpp executable?

Thank you.

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Nov-2010 11:58

Why do you want to use SQL89 when SQL92 was introduced in 9.1B?

Posted by irocket on 25-Nov-2010 00:38

The mentioned ESQL89 application is connector between our product and a DB. For example, for Progress/OpenEdge DBMS we ship for our customers ESQL89, ESQL92 and ODBC connectors.

Because the Progress SQL89 and SQL92 have a number differences migration from SQL89 to SQL92/ODBC doing not so smooth. For the Progress 10.x we support ODBC preferably but for previous Progress versions we support SQL89 and SQL92 connectors also.

I think I can close this discussion. We need the ESQL89/C product.

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