Upgrading CHUI 9.1E Application to OpenEdge 10.1C

Posted by ajay.somani on 02-Dec-2010 15:07

Currently on Progress 9.1E on AIX 5.3
Looking to upgrade to OpenEdge 10.1C on AIX 6.1

Hi All,

We have a flavor of VARNET CHUI application written in Progress 6 days (currently on 9.1E)  and looking at upgrading it to 10.1C.  Our biggest concern is the “CHOOSE” statement that is used in quite a few of our programs and it is listed as a deprecated feature by Progress. Have any of you run into this issue in your upgrades? If so, how did you workaround it? Rewriting our application isn’t an option since we will be moving to SAP in future; keeping the programming changes to a minimum and moving to a stable version of OpenEdge is our goal with this upgrade. I would love to hear from you guys who has been already through such upgrades to avoid any potential pitfalls.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ajay Somani
Sr Systems Analyst and Programmer
Airgas National Welders

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Posted by gus on 03-Dec-2010 09:53

When a feature is classified as "deprecated" it means that we recommend that people not use it anymore, especially in new code. However the deprecated feature is still in the product and still works and existing code that uses it should still work fine.

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