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Posted by gdb390 on 14-Dec-2010 04:39


Question about project references in openedge architect...

Say, I have created ABL controls in one openedge project (let's call it project A), eg. common controls for every application we want to use like scheduler or grid control

When I open a new openedge project  (let's call it project B), I can make a project reference to project A.

Can I use the ABL controls from project A in project B without having to adjust the toolbox (that's already done in project A) ?

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Posted by Matt Baker on 14-Dec-2010 11:25

The best way to share controls across projects to to use the workspace level toolbox.  You can access it via the project properties for the OE project.  You will also need to make sure project B includes project A in the PROPATH and either the same assemblies, or a reference to the same assemblies.xml file as project A.

Posted by gdb390 on 15-Dec-2010 05:16

Thanks Matthew, I'll try this one out !

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