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Posted by Admin on 24-Feb-2011 12:38

We have acquired a financial system (Springbrook) that uses Progress and OpenEdge 10.1b .   I've been asked to convert some of our old databases to a platform that will be around for a while, and while my managers were thinking MS Access, I thought I should take advantage of what we have with Progress.  I have downloaded the administration and setup pdf files, figured out how to make a copy of the sports.db, and can see it in the data dictionary, but I'm not getting any further.  Is there some literature out there that would get me started building a db (and the tools for users to work with it) on this system?  I'm having a tough time finding anything that looks like it might help.  Thank you!


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Posted by Matt Baker on 24-Feb-2011 18:33

Hi Mike,

There are a couple of ways you can go about this.  Some of that depends on what version of OpenEdge you have and which platform you are on.

If you have a copy of OpenEdge Architect, you can use that to edit the database (add/remove tables/fields/indexes/triggers browse data and such) and such.

There is a full suite of videos on app development here on the communities site.

There is also the full set of documentation here:

Find the docs for your version and look for the section on development tools.  Here is the one for 10.2B.

If you do not, then you would be using AppBuilder and the data dictionary tool which is on the tools menu.

The data dictionary and related tools such as data admin tool are also available for characer UI (unix terminal based systems).

So post what version and platform you are on and we can help a bit more.


Posted by Admin on 25-Feb-2011 04:28

I think the first thing you'd need to know is if you are actually having a development license or not.

When you bought an existing financial package, that wouldn't be required to run that system and many end user sites get away with just a DB license (workgroup or enterprise DB) and clients (client/networking licenses). In that case most suggestions from Matt's list wouldn't bring you any further. Anyway there are many maintenance tasks where a development license would be wise to have. So you should check that first.

One possibilitiy to access the database without a development license would be ODBC. Then you could actually use MS Access to do so.

But most people here in the forum would certainly prefer the availability of the OE dev environment.

Posted by Admin on 25-Feb-2011 09:50

That is all very good information, thank you.  I truly doubt I have a developer's license, but I will find out.  I agree, I would certainly have more flexibility (and fun learning) with the OE dev tools!  Thank you both very much!


Posted by kevin_saunders on 28-Feb-2011 03:07

There is a shortcut on the Windows install, in the Progress group, called Config - this runs the showcfg executable and will display all installed products on your machine.

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