How do you make a browse scroll to the left and right if you

Posted by BeezBros on 09-Mar-2011 21:23

Hi there

I am writing an app for a harsh environment computer that is a touch screen device. There is no keyboard available to the user.

It will be used in cold rooms so I have to make all the buttons BIG so that people with gloves can use it.

Naturally the scroll bars on a browse are way too small for this so I have created buttons to replicate navigation of the browser (i.e UP = select-prev-row, DOWN = select-next-row).

Now I am trying to get the left and right buttons to work and having some trouble working out how to do it. With a keyboard plugged in, one only has to hit the left or right arrow key and watch the browse move across in the appropriate direction.

Can anyone tell me how to replicate a key stroke when a user presses a button?

This sounds so simple... but I can't find a way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



(OE 10.1B.02, Windows 7)

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Posted by Admin on 09-Mar-2011 23:26

This sounds so simple... but I can't find a way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Based on your description of the environment, I must say I am surprised to hear that a scrolling browse is an appropriate UI element anyhow.

You're version is 10.1B, that's already close to 10.2B and GUI for .NET. Did you consider upgrading to 10.2B and use a good set of .NET Controls? There are Controls specialized for touch screen UIs. And even Progress' choice the Infragistics Controls can be scaled up with ease.

Using your environment, you could change the size of the scrollbar using the Windows Display settings:

Right click on the Desktop -> Customize -> Window Color Settings (A hyperlink on the bottom) -> Advanced Options

Then in the Dialog, choose Element "Scrollbars". There you can change the size of the Scrollbar.

(The actual texts may be different, I've had to translate from German back to English)

I doubt there is a way to programmatically scroll left and right in a Progress browse. Some ways come into my mind:

- make the columns updatable during the simulated scroll operation and apply entry

- use the MOVE-COLUMN method to reorder columns

But I'd certainly prefer on of the first solutions.

Posted by kevin_saunders on 10-Mar-2011 03:23

In the button trigger, just apply the CURSOR-RIGHT and CURSOR-LEFT events against the browse.

Posted by BeezBros on 16-Mar-2011 04:25

Thanks guys... it turns out that simply applying CURSOR-LEFT or CURSOR-RIGHT does indeed obtain the correct response from the browser. I had thought I had tried this but suspect my use of quotation marks was incorrect.

Thankyou both for your help.


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