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Posted by Admin on 05-Apr-2011 01:40


Is any body know what is the purpose of ptp.odb file ? The location is inside <Sonic MQ installation dir>/MQ7.6/SMQ_BR1/SonicMQStore/ptp directory.

Thank you

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Posted by tsteinbo on 05-Apr-2011 02:34

It is part of the Sonic MQ broker database. Actually, you should consider the entire dir SonicMQStore as the database. The ptp file stands for Point To Point (aka queues) and contains the overflow that does not fit into broker memory.


Posted by Admin on 05-Apr-2011 02:55

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply. Is there any way I can view the contents of ptp.odb and ptp.log ? btw currently the env is unix.

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