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Posted by TdeV on 18-Apr-2011 17:28

Come to the Getting started with Embedded Windows  workshop at PUG Challenge Americas.

Workshop will be presented by:

Mike Fechner, Director, Consultingwerk
Marko Rüterbories, Software Development & Customer Support, Consultingwerk, Ltd, Germany

In this 3 hour workshop Mike Fechner and Marko Rüterbories from Consultingwerk will focus on Progress' GUI for .NET and its compatibility features to enhance the visual appearance of existing OpenEdge GUI applications. Embedded Windows are a perfect way to integrate GUI screens into .NET WinForms based screens. After covering the basics of embedded windows and compatibility between ABL windows and .NET Forms in the Progress client runtime the participants of the workshop will receive an introduction to WinKitLE. This toolkit is based on the popular WinKit that Consultingwerk has successfully used with a large number of Progress partners to enhance the appearance of existing Progress applications using GUI for .NET.

Participants will receive a copy of the source code of the WinKitLE and the samples as well as the documentation.

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