Progress procedure as a windows service

Posted by gdb390 on 02-May-2011 02:21


Is it possible to let a .p run as a windows service ?

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Posted by Admin on 02-May-2011 03:48

You can use the executable srvany.exe for this. It allows you to run any executable as a service. You can run "_progres.exe -b -p myprogram.p" with this service. You can then start your service from the control panel. However, Progress will not shut down when you stop the service.

More info: here

Another - better - option might be to use the Windows Task Scheduler. This runs as a service too, but can be stopped and paused more conveniently. We use this for our batches. By setting it to run every 5 minutes, whenever a batch would crash, it would be restarted after maximum 5 minutes.

Posted by gdb390 on 09-May-2011 07:31

will this also work on an 64-bit machine ? (assuming I have that resource kit)


Posted by Admin on 09-May-2011 09:23

My guess would be "yes" since normally 64-bit would not have a problem running 32-bit programs, but I have not tested this.

As I mentioned, we switched to using the task scheduler. This certainly works under 64-bit

Posted by goo on 21-Jun-2018 01:50

Is there another way of doing this with windows server 2012/2016 with 11.7 ? All info I find tells that instrsrv.exe or srvany.exe is not used anymore.

In an erarlier project, we had a .Net programmer makeing it, but now I need to do it without that .net programmer :-)

Posted by Mike Fechner on 21-Jun-2018 01:54

Jenkins, ANT and PCT? The combination can be used for way more than CI.
It’s a great way to execute ABL procedures automatically, scheduled, permanently, get emails on failures etc.

Posted by on 21-Jun-2018 02:08

And no node.js Mike? :) 

Marian Edu

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 21-Jun-2018 02:14

I’m sure that Geir’s Progress procedure was not written in JavaScript.
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And no node.js Mike? :)

Marian Edu
Acorn IT 
+40 740 036 212

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Posted by ChUIMonster on 21-Jun-2018 02:29

I like:

Simple, easy to use.  No installation, just a stand-alone executable.

Posted by goo on 21-Jun-2018 07:15

Thanks :-) I wanted an easy way to do it :-)

Posted by jonathan.wilson on 21-Jun-2018 08:24

SC.EXE will allow you to setup Services, but depending on the Service being added it's not always compatible.

Posted by goo on 21-Jun-2018 09:24

It seems like the nssm is a good approach. I will try that ….
//Geir Otto

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