Large file(s) in /tmp on pro03(sunsolaris)

Posted by Admin on 28-Jun-2011 04:33

Hi all,

Can anybody please help me how to resolve this issue we are using solaris 10 and progress 9.1E. Daily i am getting this alert

"149916789 237120 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root     242805420 Jun 28 08:02 /tmp/cmdplugin.log"  How can i resolve this issue. its very urgent please help me

Thanks in advance.

Murali Hari


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Posted by gus on 28-Jun-2011 08:40

You should have a look at the contents of the log file (for example tail -100 /tmp/cmdplugin.log). The contents may provide a clue as to some error condition that needs to be corrected or some program that is malfunctioning. You also should determine what program(s) are writing to this log.

Another possibility is that nothing it swrong but it has slowly grown large over a long period and needs to be reset or truncated occasionally. Hard to say without more information.

Posted by Admin on 28-Jun-2011 11:13

Thank you

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