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Posted by on 23-Aug-2011 07:55

We are now moving to using OpenEdge Explorer (10.2B) for managing our resources (db, AppServer, etc.) on our UNIX-machines (AIX 7.1).

We have a fairly large IT-operations team so we would like to integrate OpenEdge Explorer with Active Directory to validate users and roles in the OE Explorer web-interface. By default it seems that OE Explorer contains its own user/role - repository accessible via Options -> Authorized Users (only the admin is in there by default).

Is it possible to integrate this with Active Directory?

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Posted by egarcia on 23-Aug-2011 13:42


OpenEdge Explorer/OpenEdge Management does not have integration with Active Directory.

The authentication to the web server is performed by a JaaS LoginModule class. Even though it could be possible to replace this class with one that authenticates using Active Directory, this has not been tested and is not supported.

You could submit an enhancement request if you consider that integration (authentication, support for user roles) with Active Directory is required.

I hope this helps.

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