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Posted by newbie on 03-Sep-2011 15:19

I have a script to pull specific data from a db and I need to pull an additional DATE data field called 'createdate' showed in the second line below.  Using the STRING data type did not give me the correct date value.  What is the right syntax for the result to display DATE value correctly?

PUT UNFORMATTED string(invcost.cost) + ";".

PUT UNFORMATTED (invcost.createdate)

Appreciate any helps.


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Posted by Matt Baker on 03-Sep-2011 17:10

IF you're doing both of these fields then use export instead of put

export delimiter ";" invcost.cost invcost.createdate format "99/99/9999"

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 04-Sep-2011 12:12

You don't say what was incorrect, but note that string() can take a second argument to specify a non-default format.

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