call .p file through odbc driver ?

Posted by ttt_dk on 29-Sep-2011 05:41


The .p files can be exposed through the AppServer or a WebService, I know.

But, is there any way i call them through the odbc driver ?

"exec getSomeData.p" ?

I need to access information in QAD (ERP system that runs on Progress/OpenEdge) in a program that can fetch data (only) through a odbc driver.

I would like to call the .p file (or something similar) instead of knowing too much about tablenames etc inside the ERP system.

Any chances this will work for me ?


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Posted by gus on 29-Sep-2011 09:27

Sorry, but our ODBC interface accepts SQL database access commands and sends them directly to a OpenEdge SQL processor which then sends back data from the database. There is nothing in that path that knows anything about the 4GL, only data in the database.

Posted by Admin on 29-Sep-2011 09:41

Not sure, if that's feasible, but here's JDBC driver that executes ABL .p files:

And then with a ODBC to JDBC bridge like

Posted by gus on 29-Sep-2011 09:57

I was not aware of the jdbc driver that executes 4GL. Interesting.

Probably worth asking somebody at QAD if they have a way to get whatever data you need before doing anything else.

Posted by ttt_dk on 30-Sep-2011 01:30

thx , both of you

Posted by Admin on 03-Oct-2011 08:30

gus wrote:

I was not aware of the jdbc driver that executes 4GL. Interesting.

it does require appserver though but the engine used is the 4GL one instead of SQL

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