OpenEdge 11 support in PCT (build automation tool)

Posted by Admin on 08-Jan-2012 14:54


OpenEdge 11 support has been added to PCT, after a few weeks of development and testing. This version is available on Google Code, build #158

For those who don't know what PCT is : it's a build automation tool, so that instead of managing your own procedures to compile code, create procedure libraries, generate incremental dumps and so on, you can use this package. PCT is a plugin for Ant, the most widely used Java build automation system. So if you want to automate your builds and deployments, have a look at PCT ! And it's also a good starting point when doing continuous integration : checkout my presentation during PUG Challenge in Amsterdam.

PCT is open source : you can browse source code here

Next release will include static code analysis using Proparse/Prolint, with a new Jenkins plugin to display trends in your favorite continuous integration tool ! Stay tuned !

For those of you already using PCT, I've also changed the test system with two direct benefits :

  • it's now really easier to submit a new test case (tests are independant and not in a single buildfile anymore)
  • tests are executed on multiple platforms. For now, tests cover 9.1E (Win/Linux), 10.2A Windows, 10.2B (Win/Linux), 10.2B 64 bits (Win/Linux), 11.0 (Win/Linux).
    Adding new platforms is a matter of minutes. If you want to help PCT to be tested on different platforms, feel free to submit licence codes for this version


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