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Posted by gdb390 on 15-Sep-2011 14:38

anyone familiar with xml compression in a webservice response ?

We have to integrate with a third party. They asked for Data Transfer Objects, but I don't know how to implement that in ABL.

Therefore we are looking to work with XML files that have to be compressed.

I also suggested to exchange datasets, but they fear overload ...

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Posted by jquerijero on 14-Oct-2011 12:58

What do mean compression?

Are they compressiong the data? If yes, you will need to know what compression technique there are using so you can extract it.

Posted by Matt Baker on 16-Oct-2011 09:03

Many webservers and hence the webservices running in them support gzip compression (or deflate..there are others as well).  ABL can't do it directly, nor does Microsoft's library directly support gzip.  You can find 3rd party .net libraries to do this.  Is this the "compression" they are using?

Posted by gdb390 on 06-Feb-2012 04:46

thanks for your answers !

the customer cancelled the projects so this is not needed anymore

kind regards


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