Sharepoint Deployment in WIN64

Posted by bbrennan on 08-Feb-2012 07:34

A customer has OE10.1C running on a Windows 2008 64 bit server.

They are also deploying Sharepoint on a similar 64 bit Win64 server.  The development machine is yet a third box of the same make and model.

Their software vendors is locked for now at 10.1C which is 32 bits.

I assume that they need to download and install the SQLClient for OE10.2B 64 bits to get access to the 64 bit ODBC drivers.  Is this true?  I assume so, since their Sharepoint apps will be compiled as 64 bit applications and 10.2 is the first pace we see 64 bit ODBC drivers.

This is mostly a technical question.  Once working, I can work with Sales on whatever licensing implications this might cause.


Bob Brennan

IMS, Inc.

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Posted by gus on 08-Feb-2012 13:24

Yes, you will need 64 bit drivers if you are building 64 bit applications.

The drivers are in the SQL Client Access package.  That can be installed independently of the rest of OpenEdge.

Posted by bbrennan on 08-Feb-2012 13:30

Thanks for the confirmation Gus.  We will try that out.

Next challenge, for a different purpose, is getting the WSA running in this environment also.

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