Very slow load MS-Dataserver schema

Posted by bart.syryn on 01-Mar-2012 04:20


We're trying to connect to a SQL2008 database using the Progress MSS Dataserver.  When we try to load the definition of one table (table with 122 fields) it takes about 8 minutes to load the definition !!!!  The SQL-database is on another server, but there are no problems with the network.  Does anyone know why it takes 8minutes to load the definition of one table ?

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Posted by sgarg on 21-Jan-2014 01:48

How are you measuring the time for load definition into the scheam holder. One point to note that for .df load in the scheam holder, foreign database connection is not required. i.e. foreign database connection time should be discounted while loading the defintions. Howevere, load data need foreign database connection.



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