Error while reading excel file on windows 7 machine

Posted by shalomiw on 28-Feb-2012 00:11


We have a WebSpeed Application (OpenEdge 10.2B & ps:eScript 1.90), that uploads order lines via an Excel file.

It works fine on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines, but gives an error in the server log on Windows 7 machines (see below)

The error occurs at the following code point.


Windows 7 Error:

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS -- Error occurred while accessing component property/method: Open.

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS -- Microsoft Office Excel cannot access the file 'D:\MJF_Proteus-102B\ExcelTemp\Order_Sheet_C002004_30Jan12_1047.xls'. There are several possible reasons:

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS -- Error code: 0x80020009 excelUpload cus/custorders.r (5890)

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS -- ** ABL Debug-Alert Stack Trace **

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS -- --> excelUpload cus/custorders.r (D:\MJF_Proteus-102B\Develop\proteusweb\webui\cus\custorders.r) at line 6800

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS --     process-web-request cus/custorders.r (D:\MJF_Proteus-102B\Develop\proteusweb\webui\cus\custorders.r) at line 8168

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS --     cus/custorders.r (D:\MJF_Proteus-102B\Develop\proteusweb\webui\cus\custorders.r) at line 4847

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS --     run-web-object web/objects/web-util.p (D:\MJF_Proteus-102B\Develop\Class\eScript\src\web\objects\web-util.p) at line 3714

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS --     SYSTEM-TRIGGER web/objects/psagent.p (D:\MJF_Proteus-102B\Develop\Class\eScript\src\web\objects\psagent.p) at line 861

[12/02/28@11:35:58.790+2300] P-007532 T-004568 1 WS --     web/objects/psagent.p (D:\MJF_Proteus-102B\Develop\Class\eScript\src\web\objects\psagent.p) at line 950

Has anyone come across this issue before, and any idea how this can be fixed?

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Posted by jquerijero on 20-Mar-2012 16:06

This is sometimes caused by Windows security policy. We found that IE8/9 also affect the security policy. Trying granting full-trust to the D drive using CASPOL.

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