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Posted by sedge on 20-Mar-2012 23:57

We use the following SQL command (JDBC and Hibernate) to do a "get next sequence" operation.

       select pub.rq_DataExchange_seq.nextval from sysprogress.syscalctable

      (syscalctable has exactly one record)

Our application does mostly Insert operations so we do a lot of these "get next sequence" selects.

The application can also work with a PostgreSQL 9 DB, which runs the SQL like this:

      select nextval ('public.rq_DataExchange_seq')

Our performance tests show that OpenEdge takes about 65% longer to do the "get next sequence".

Otherwise, the SQL performance on the two databases is comparable.

Is there a better way to to perform the "get next sequence" operation in SQL with OpenEdge?

For background:

We took an old example Hibernate Dialect for OpenEdge and have adapred it for 10.2b so we can modify the code. (happy to share).



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Posted by durkadurka005 on 21-Mar-2012 09:14

I figured out the same syscalctable trick as you guys for getting the next values of sequences, however I pass TOP 1 just in case, as apparently there is nothing preventing someone from inserting additional records into that table:


I doubt that adding TOP 1 to the query would make it perform better, but who knows (this is Progress we're dealing with here after all).

I would love to see whatever code you have, as I'm working on an adapter for another ORM framework and am running into some snags with insertions at the moment.

Posted by asthomas on 21-Mar-2012 09:16

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