Should the PSDN SDK now include other Progress products, suc

Posted by Admin on 19-Jun-2011 12:48

I've been asked by Kevin Aspindle (Progress Software) to cross-post this discussion on PSDN because I believe this is a thread that discusses what PSDN SDK subscribers get "in the box" is relevant for every PSDN member. With a grown set of Progress products and a "One Progress" initiative, the question is, if the PSDN SDK should mainly be an offering to OpenEdge users with a little bit of Sonic.

Should the PSDN SDK now include other Progress products, such as Savvion and Apama?

The PSDN SDK has primarily been an offering for Software Developers, the SD in PSDN, but adding other products could change the scope of the offering. For instance, Savvion can be used by Business Analysts and Process Designers.

So share your thoughts here, whether you are an OpenEdge software developer or OpenEdge user, as to how you would see the PSDN SDK being enhanced.

The original location of the discussion on LinkedIn is in the Progress OpenEdge Users/Developers group:

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Posted by jmls on 19-Jun-2011 12:54

Absolutely. Put the technology in our (developers) hands and just

watch us deliver solutions that Progress never dreamed of

money should be made from runtime licences, not developer licences.

The more developers you expose to the full range of Psc products, the

more solutions you will get.

Posted by Robert-Prediger on 22-Jun-2011 08:04

After reading the discussion on LinkedIn, I have to fully agree with Julian, Mike Fechner, Marian Edu and others.

For developers, it's great to get an overview, which technologies Progress offers.

To regulate it via SDK does not makes sense.

I think most of them do know, that without training it would be hard to get inside of Savvion, Apama and the others. So is for Sonic ESB and it's included.

So please put all products inside the SDK.

As Julian mentioned. On long term, PSC will definitely get the money back.

Posted by gdb390 on 24-Jun-2011 07:39

Is that not what Progress Arcade is all about ?

I followed the webinar and there was a part about the product showroom.

as I read from the slide :

Learn about the current features provided by Openedge & related Progress Products.

Specify what technology you are interested in, and within minutes get a public cloud-based machine dedicated to yout exclusive use.

and the best of all : FREE OF CHARGE ...

I suppose that related Progress products are also Savvion, Apama, ...  I hope !


Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Jun-2011 11:47

If you read the LinkedIn thread, you will see that Arcade is mentioned several times.  I think Arcade is super if what you want to do is to look at a demo that is preconfigured, e.g., run through some Savvion tutorial or whatever to get a feel for the product.  But, I have heard nothing about Arcade that suggests that one can, for example, set up a Savvion server alongside one's application to develop a proof of concept about how the two might interact in order to convince management or a customer that this is something they should explore.  Different purposes.

Posted by Mike Ormerod on 24-Jun-2011 12:12

Absolutely you'll be able to do that type of work with Arcade through the Stage & Test area.  Don't forget Arcade is made up of a number of different areas, Showroom is just one element of Arcade.  The ability to Stage & Test, Demonstrate & ultimately Deploy are major elements of the Arcade proposition.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Jun-2011 12:23

Stage and test ones own application at ones own pace including performance testing and without running up charges because management/customer hasn't signed off on it yet?

Note that one of the problems we saw with the cloud during the PCA workshops was performance ... irregular results for the DB performance and webspeed not working at all in the NSRA session.  I'm sure that is just a question of being assigned too small a resource which one could fix in production, but they certainly are not the kind of issues one would have working out a proof of concept on local machines.

Posted by Mike Ormerod on 24-Jun-2011 13:14

I can't comment on the performance at the workshop, but again that's the reason for the Stage & Test area, is to check for performnce issues, latency etc.

As for not running up charges, there are of course infrastructure charges, but there would be cost asscoiated if you needed to do it locally so I see this as a mute point. The whole advantage is that you don't need to go and source & purchase servers, purchase OS licenses etc just to test something out, you do it on demand for as long as you need then you turn it off, maybe saving it for another day to try again.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 24-Jun-2011 13:34

We aren't talking about ramping up a test system with new servers and the like.  When people are ready to make that kind of committment, they are good candidates for an eval license.  We are talking about something that people fiddle with in off hours between projects on their own desktops.

One solves the performance problem in the cloud by scaling up the resources that one is renting.  Sensible for production or formal testing, but not so sensible for fiddling.

Posted by servodata_kaan on 11-Apr-2012 07:48

Hello Dear Friends,

I am also agree with you about PSDN kit scope, actually 2 monts ago i searched about it and my EMEA manager told me that they are working on including Savvion in PSDN scope but it is not certain.

They provide me Savvion Eval licenses which i need. They always support me, i can also open case on Support link. I can attend wbt e-learning sessions and attend exams also. on PSC side they support and provide everything.

But yes you are right developer licenses should be easy reachable, in the past PSC told us that this technology is better than microsoft and oracle, they cant understand why people try to use development license free of charge. This is PSC 's idea but they always provide the latest version evals on web sites,too. No one can say that they do not provide any trial.

Anyway, cs-emea supports and provides everything like eval license, wbt e-learning, open support cases etc for all products. You only need to try to find it

PS: including other products like apama, control tower, actional and savvion could make the price of PSDN more expensive. this is so normal.



Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 11-Apr-2012 10:59

No reason for the contents to influence the price.  They could easily make it cheaper than it is.

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