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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 12-Apr-2012 13:11

You've got to love docs which reference "state of the art" values, and then the state of the art moves on...

From the 10.2B OpenEdge Getting Started: Database Essentials

The 72GB drive is only marginally more expensive than a single 18GB drive, so buying four 18GB drives to obtain the same capacity as a 72GB drive will substantially increase your cost.

Here is an example of a machine with 1GB of RAM, 50 local users, and one 8KB-block-size database using 10,000 database buffers:

One major exception is systems with very limited memory (less than 256MB),

Generally, a (spin) setting between 2,000 and 10,000 works for the majority of systems, but this varies greatly.

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Posted by Admin on 12-Apr-2012 13:14


10.2B was released in December 2009 :-)

There were mobile phones then with more RAM than described here for a DB server.

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