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Posted by bbrennan on 12-Apr-2012 15:19

Does anyone have a web service running on Windows in OE10.1C?

I am trying to do a proof of concept.  I have done this before successfully under older versions so I am comfortable with the development and deployment process.

I am using OE10.1C sp4.  Tomcat JSE 5.5.  I am using the standard JRE that ships with OE10.1C.

I have deployed on WIN2008 R2 64 bit,  WIN2008 32 bit and WIN7.

I have tried using both Progress Explorer on the Win7 machine as well as OE Management on the WIN2008 machines.

I know the JSE is running and by all accounts my trivial webservice is deployed.  I can grab the wsdl and load it both into a 4gl client and also an UI independant tool like SoapUI or WebServices Studio.

When I invoke my application, I get an exception and the following is shown in the WSA1.log

[12/04/12@14:38:41.467-0400] P-006700 T-http-4040-1 2 wsa1 Admin-Provider   Enabling Web Service application Calculator

[12/04/12@14:43:38.107-0400] P-006700 T-http-4040-1 2 Calculator 4GL-Provider     Error in SOAP request execution: Connect Failure: Application Service Calculator Unknown at NameServer at Host localhost Port 5162. (8234) (10926)

I have an open case with TS but that does not seem to be making a lot of forward progress.
Bob Brennan

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Posted by Roy Ellis on 12-Apr-2012 15:45

Hi Bob,

the error says that the AppService Name "Calculator" is unknown at the NameServer running on localhost.  So:

1) is there an AppServer running?

2) is it registered to the NameServer running on localhost at port 5162? (nsman -name NS1 -query)

3) is the AppServer list name "Calculator"?

Is this not what you want the WSDL to look for?  Do you want it to look for "asbroker1" on NameServer at localhost but running on another port?

Then you need to open OE Explorer/Management go to wsa resource and then open the "Application Properties" link to change these values for the WSA.

Let me know what you find,


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