PUG Challenge is almost here!

Posted by ChUIMonster on 23-Apr-2012 09:38

In just under 2 weeks, on May 6th, PUG Challenge Americas will be here!

We have a great agenda -- more than 45 superb technical talks on all  things OpenEdge with excellent speakers from PSC and the OpenEdge  community!  There is no other place where you can get such a  comprehensive mix of OpenEdge topics in such a focused forum!  Plus you  can directly interact with the people who make it all possible -- Jay  Bhatt, Mary Szekely, Rich Banville, Shelley Chase, Gus Bjorklund, Ken  Wilner and many, many more will all be available in one place for your  pleasure!

And don't forget the Sunday Workshops (Gus won't let you forget them!)   OpenEdge BPM, Multi-Tenancy, Intro to OO and Performance Tuning 2 are  all being offered on Sunday afternoon!

If you have not already registered now would be an excellent time to do so -- http://pugchallenge.org/register.html

We need to get the final head count in by the 29th -- after that the  "walk-in" registration rates apply (because adding meals at the last  minute is very expensive) so act now!

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Posted by gus on 23-Apr-2012 12:48

Indeed I won't.

There are four workshops to choose from. All are on offer from 1pm to 5pm on Sunday, May 6. Your choices are:

  • OpenEdge BPM, with Peter Judge
  • OpenEdge Multitenant 4GL Programming with, Gus Bjorklund
  • Intro to OO Language Features for Procedural Programmers, with Tim Kuehn
  • Database Performance Tuning, with Adam Backman, Tom Bascom, Dan Foreman, and Paul Koufalis

For all of these, you must

  • sign up in advance
  • bring a computer

Space is limted. Register now. http://pugchallenge.org/register.html

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 24-Apr-2012 20:36

I don't remember seeing the separate sign-up option for the workshops on the registration page when I registered in January.  Were these added after the fact?  Until now I had assumed the workshops were included with the conference registration.

Posted by gus on 25-Apr-2012 11:23

Check out the registration page and you will see them.

It is possible (and I am just making this stuff up) that the workshops had not been organized yet when the registration was opened.

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 25-Apr-2012 11:31

I knew that there would *be* workshops at the time of registration, and I believe some of them were known at that time, but if I recall correctly the fourth workshop (DB Tuning) was still listed as something like "DB topic TBD" at that time.  I also don't recall seeing an indication of separate cost/registration for workshops, however I could have just overlooked it.  Anyway, no worries, I have since registered.  Thanks for the heads-up Gus.

Posted by gus on 25-Apr-2012 11:38

Here's the full specs on the four workshops:

0) OpenEdge Business Process Management (BPM)

1) OpenEdge Multitenant Database Programming

2) Intro to OO 4GL Language Features for Procedural Programmers

3) Database Performance Tuning

Surely one of these will be something you will find useful.  If you want to participate in any of them, sign up at the PUG Challenge web site (at http://pugchallenge.org/register.html).  There is a small but quite reasonable admission charge of 25 USD.

The workshops will be conducted using preconfigured virtual machines "in the cloud", accessible through the hotel's wireless network.  You will each get your own virtual machine that only you will use.  For that you will need to bring a computer equipped with WiFi networking and capable of running a Windows Remote Desktop client or equivalent.

You can choose from the following

OpenEdge Business Process Management (BPM)

Instructors Extraordinaire Peter Judge and Ken Wilner

Sunday, May 6, 1-5PM

OpenEdge BPM puts business process management capabilities directly in the hands of OpenEdge developers by combining the industry-leading BPM capabilities of Progress Savvion with the OpenEdge platform and we have really simplified things with Savvion 8.0 and OpenEdge 11.0.

Come to this workshop to learn what OpenEdge BPM is all about.  This workshop is almost completely lab-based‹perfect for those who enjoy a hands-on learning experience.  During this workshop you'll experience how to build business process applications with OpenEdge BPM and understand what it might mean to your application.

Explore how to BPM-enable an application from three different perspectives using the appropriate tools and techniques:

  • Business Analyst: ­ Start by understanding the users, systems and data requirements; then build a BPM model.
  • Application Developer: ­ Using that model, add integration points that connect the process to an OpenEdge application. Generate and design Web-based forms for the process.
  • Business Manager: ­ Create dashboards and conduct analysis to understand how well the process is performing

No prior experience using BPM is assumed or required.

OpenEdge Multitenant Database Programming

Instructor Extraordinaire Gus Bjorklund

Sunday, May 6, 1pm to 5pm

One of the most important new capabilities in OpenEdge 11 is direct support for multi-tenancy in the OpenEdge RDBMS and in the OpenEdge 4GL.  In this hands-on workshop we will show you how easy it is to take advantage of this powerful capability. You will see how to use it for your application.  We will show how to use the new and improved CLIENT-PRINCIPAL in a multitenant environment, programming for regular tenants, and programming for supertenants.

This workshop is mostly about /programming/ and only a little about multi-tenant databases.  We will focus on programming techniques using the 4GL to retrieve and manipulate data in multi-tenant OpenEdge 11 databases.  We assume you have a basic knowledge of 4GL programming and at least some ability to use the 4GL to access and modify data in an OpenEdge database.

Introduction to 4GL OO Language Features for Procedural Programmers

Instructor Extraordinaire Tim Kuehn

Sunday May 6, 1pm to 5pm

Programming with objects is a capability that was added into OpenEdge some years ago, in version 10. It enables you to combine object and procedural programming styles in a manner that suits your needs and desires.  No need to rewrite your application, just use as many or as few objects as is appropriate as you find the need for them.

This workshop will introduce you to the various 4GL object-oriented (aka "OO") language elements, what they do, and how they work.  If you haven't "done OO" yet, this is your chance to get your feet wet.

While no prior object 4GL programming experience is assumed or required, some prior exposure to 4GL persistent and super procedures will be helpful.

Database Performance Tuning

Instructors Extraordinaire Adam Backman, Tom Bascom, Dan Foreman, Paul Koufalis

Sunday May 6, 1pm to 5pm

The OpenEdge RDBMS is the best database on the third planet from the sun. Though it is powerful, it is extremely easy to set up and manage. Nevertheless, a little proper care and feeding will enable yout to achieve the best results.

In this workshop, four of world's most knowledgeable OpenEdge database experts will show you how to get the most out of your database. They will guide you through  the steps for correctly configuring the database for optimal performance. Not only that, they will tell you what the configuration parameters do and /why/ they work.

In each segment, one of the instructors will first explain things and then you will get to try it out for yourself. You will also be able to ask for advice about tuning the databases you have back home at your shop.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Space is finite. Don't delay any longer. Register now.

To participate in a workshop, you will have to do the following:

  • sign up ahead of time (at http://pugchallenge.org/register.html),
  • pay the small tariff of 25 USD,
  • bring a computer equipped with WiFi and Windows Remote Desktop or equivalent,
  • show up a few minutes before the appointed starting time

We will supply Arcade or Amazon images for you to use.

I hope to see you at PUG Challenge even if you aren't participating in a workshop.

Posted by durkadurka005 on 25-Apr-2012 12:59

Interesting you started counting your list from 0, considering ABL array indexes start at 1.

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