Alternate Buffer Pool question?

Posted by Admin on 01-May-2012 13:08

We recently upgraded to 10.2B and want to use the Alternate Buffer Pool option.

I had no problems loading tables and indexes into it, but can't find a way to tell

how much of the buffer pool has been used. If  you fill it up you loose the benifits

of it.

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Posted by gus on 02-May-2012 09:14

In the promon program, there is a page that has buffer cache activity. That is now 3 pages, one for the primary buffer cache, one for the secondary, and one for the total.

If you look at the secondary page, you will see that one of the values displayed is the number of O/S reads. If this number is less than or equal to the value of the -B2 configuration paramter, then that is the number of buffers in use. If it is larger than the value of -B2 then all the buffers are in use.

Posted by Admin on 03-May-2012 13:02

Thanks for the information.

We are currently running 10.2B05.

In the recently released patch 10.2B06 there

are two new VST entries to support the alternate

buffer pool. These will help.

Note: OE00206989 Type: Behavior Change

New VST fields for Alternate Buffer Pool information

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