Dump and Load - SQL92

Posted by adamk84 on 26-May-2010 10:39

I was wondering if there was a way to dump SQL-92 view definitions? I know in the data dictionary I can dump SQL-89 views but I can't find any documentation that describes how I would dump the SQL-92 view definitions. Currently using Openedge 10.2A.

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 27-May-2010 03:31

I suspect (but could be wrong) that the SQLSCHEMA command line tool should be able to do this for you..

Posted by ronaldb on 15-May-2012 13:53

That is the one thing I run into as well.

There is a grant and a synonym dumped for a SQL92 view, but the actual view is never dumped through sqlschema. None of the options give an indication that they are dumping the views as well.

Is there another utility? Or do I need to dump SYSVIEWS directly...?

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