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Posted by abe.voelker on 07-Jun-2012 10:41

I've written some code that I would like to test against various OpenEdge distributions (or at least the latest version), ideally running on Travis CI.  The problem is that bootstrapping a basic version of OpenEdge for testing seems to be a pain... even Oracle has an Express Edition that is very easy to install.

Is the lowest-friction way to get access to a pared-down OpenEdge DBMS still to have to go through the evaluation sign-up process?  Is there any way to just wget a tarball (or God forbid, an actual package) without having to be authenticated?  And is there any way to access previous versions without having to talk to a human being (which a CI server cannot do)?

If the above questions have satisfactory answers I wouldn't mind writing a Chef recipe for the process for an OS like Ubuntu or CentOS, which could be used ad-hoc or used by Travis for the general public to run tests on (assuming Progress is cool w/ that).

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Posted by abe.voelker on 07-Jun-2012 11:15

*ahem* It would also give Progress something concrete to back up some of ProgressSW's recent tweets:

Applications are no longer built from the ground up, they are composed from readily available cloud services ‪#OEPartners‬
OpenEdge is #futureproof, supporting next gen applications #OEPartners

So does OpenEdge really want to step up and attempt to become next-gen? /me slaps Progress's face with a leather glove

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 07-Jun-2012 13:28

Talk to your sales rep about Arcade.

Posted by abe.voelker on 07-Jun-2012 13:44"yo tell me 'bout dis Arcade ***")

NoMethodError: undefined method `contact' for nil:NilClass

What's the proper way to obtain a sales rep? Last time I used the Web form to try and get some more info I never got a response. wrote:

Understand that by signing up for this service, you will be assessed monthly fees for the use of the restricted areas of Progress Arcade.

Thanks but no thanks... if Progress wants to really be part of the cloud they should open up more (this is 2012, right?).  Otherwise you're really just in a walled garden, not part of any ecosystem.  Free advice: lower the activation energy required to let people use and extend your products.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 07-Jun-2012 13:57

Where are you in the world?

Go to, click on Contact Us in the upper right, ignore the form and click on world wide offices in the box on the right.

Posted by abe.voelker on 07-Jun-2012 14:30

I appreciate the information but ughhh, talking to some salesperson about this sounds like torture.  Also, not something I would pay for anyway.  I guess I'll just MacGyver something together with chewing gum.

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