Microsoft Access reserved error -7748 trying to connect to O

Posted by pauldownie on 18-Jun-2012 10:17


I am getting the "Reserved error (-7748); there is no messge for this error." message when trying to access an OpenEdge 10.2B table in Microsoft Access 2007 using ODBC on a Windows XP machine.

I have found some previous discussion about this error which identify a workaround ("workarounds2=8192" added to the dsn file) and/or running dbtool (SQL Width Scan w/Fix Option) to address the problem. Neither solution has worked for me. This issue is only occurring in Microsoft Access (2007) and only with OE10.2B databases. The connection to a v9.1E is working fine. My ODBC connections to the OE10.2B databases using the same file .dsn in other applications including Excel are also working fine.

Does anyone have any other suggestions about how to troubleshoot or resolve this problem?



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