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Posted by aspotti on 26-Jun-2012 04:46

Hi all,

   after migrating from OE 10.1B to OE 10.2B in UNIX IAX 5.3 env. I've seen a degradation of performances and system memory degradation:
- TOTAL MEMORY USAGE almost reach 100% for computational memory (30Gb) and +/- 12% for non computationa memory (5/6Gb).
- PAGING SPACE allocated has a massive tilt in few hours causing a system crash.

Does anyone have some Guide lines to tune up an enviroment with:

5 dual core CPU

30 GB memory

50+ db broker running

OE 10.B 64bit

java 1.5

I already suggest to increase memory (physical) +30% more to have a secure memory buffer for running  processes.

Thanks for any help.


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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 26-Jun-2012 09:27

I would put this on the RDBMS forum, but the first thing to check across a version change is what might have happened to startup defaults.  The starting point for getting help is to show the startup parameters (possibly the top 50 lines of the log which documents these) and to tell us what you did to make the switch, i.e., what has changed.

Posted by aspotti on 27-Jun-2012 03:20

Hi Thomas,

    The startup parameters does not change at all with the migration 10.1B -> 10.2B. I mean no change from standard pf delivered with installation.

thanks for help so far.


Posted by egarcia on 27-Jun-2012 08:13


I just wanted to give you a couple of suggestions in case that they help.

Have you been able to identify what processes have increased in memory usage?

What are the differences in memory usage per process between the new and the previous configuration?

5 dual core CPU

30 GB memory

50+ db broker running

OE 10.B 64bit

java 1.5

Is the difference in memory usage seen in the database brokers or in the Java processes?

I hope this helps.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 27-Jun-2012 14:04

That you made no change can be the problem because defaults change.

Posted by aspotti on 28-Jun-2012 02:47

Still going on with investigation. It looks more on java than broker itself.


Posted by Roy Ellis on 29-Jun-2012 11:48

Hi Alex,

it makes sense that you are seeing more memory usage when moving from 10.1B to 10.2B.  This is because OpenEdge upgraded its JVM from 1.4 to 1.5 and the 1.5 JVM uses much more memory by default.  This is because the 1.5 JVM uses the "server" defaults on 64-bit, uses a better performing GC and allocates more memory at initialization.  If you find the java memory is the biggest usage of memory, look at limiting the max memory of of the JVM with (-Xmx).


Posted by egarcia on 29-Jun-2012 12:01

Te following thread has some information on memory usage and the Java processes:

Setting the -Xmx value might be the simplest way to limit the memory used by the Java process.

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