Progress DataDirect JDBC driver licensing and open source

Posted by abe.voelker on 05-Jun-2012 13:36

Where is the licensing info for the Progress DataDirect JDBC client driver .jars for OpenEdge 10.2B (and other versions)?  Are they redistributable with open source applications, or are the users required to have to go find them on their own?

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Posted by abe.voelker on 10-Jun-2012 15:01

Turns out I had actually emailed DataDirect about a year ago about this; I was just hoping that things had changed w.r.t. the OpenEdge driver specifically since Progress had bought out the company.  Anyway, here was the response dated 2011/08/15 (I don't have my actual question wording as it was submitted through a Web form):


You submitted a question about redistributing the Openedge JDBC driver.  As a commercial software company, we have an OEM program that allows software companies to license our products to redistribute them as a part of their commercial software.  We do not have any programs that allow our solutions to be distributed for free.  Our OEM contract value must be $10,000 or greater per year.

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Davis Hall

OEM Account Manager


Tel: (919) 461-4296

Not sure what the issue would be with letting people download the JDBC driver separately, which is basically a free add-on when you install OpenEdge.  It's not like there is any other way to get OpenEdge other than through PSC.  But I guess I'm thinking about it from Progress-the-company-that-sells-OpenEdge's point of view rather than DataDirect-the-company-that-just-writes-database-drivers-and-probably-doesn't-understand-what-OpenEdge-is-in-relation-to-their-parent-company perspective.

But anyway, I won't be bundling the JDBC drivers... users will have to put them in $CLASSPATH on their own. Yay.

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 18-Jun-2012 17:38

Hmmm.... a bit strange. The SQL Client Access license is 'free' - you do however need some sort of Progress license to be able to access and download it (those donald duck codes must come in handy ;-)):

OpenEdge® RDBMS: OpenEdge® SQL Client Access 11.0

OpenEdge® RDBMS supports configurations where the OpenEdge® SQL Client Access component can reside on a different machine than the database server. The 11.0 media are platform-specific; therefore, if you need to install the SQL Client Access on a different machine than your database server, you can download it.

The OpenEdge SQL Client Access component is also available at no additional charge to support scalable deployments of the OpenEdge RDBMS.

In the past anybody could download the SQL Client Access package. What you would gain by having the SQL Client Access package without having a Progress database is beyond me.

Posted by gus on 19-Jun-2012 09:29

You don't have to have a database or other OpenEdge stuff on the client machines when you only need the driver (say for use with Excel or something). So we package the drivers separately so you can install just those where needed. They are free because the more drivers you have, the more database licenses you will need.

Posted by abe.voelker on 29-Jun-2012 14:39

Hmmm.... a bit strange. The SQL Client Access license is 'free' - you do however need some sort of Progress license to be able to access and download it (those donald duck codes must come in handy ;-)):

Thanks for the responses, gentlemen, however the ESD shield makes me immediately assume that it's not redistributable.  This is a Java-specific thing so I'll just rely on the users having the proper .jars in their $CLASSPATH or warn them about it.

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