JMS Communication using Apache ActiveMQ

Posted by jujagiri.ushakiran on 04-Jan-2011 09:30

Hi All,

I want to use "Apache ActiveMQ" JMS provider for JMS communications.

Is SonicMQ  is the only JMS provider for supported interface  to OpenEdge?

Can i use jms/jmssession.p for my purpose?


RUN jms\jmssession.p PERSISTENT SET hSession("-ABC").
RUN setConnectionURLs IN hSession("localhost:3090").
RUN setUser IN hSession("system").
RUN setPassword IN hSession("manager").

RUN beginSession IN hSession.

Please advise how shall i proceed.........

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Posted by maximmonin on 05-Jan-2011 03:23

Check jms opensource project

or stomp opensource project

Posted by dmci2309 on 25-Jul-2012 05:37

There is also this OE implementation of STOMP

Posted by jmls on 25-Jul-2012 06:23


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